Inspired by the judicial pledge, BBO.BOUNDBYOATH promises earnest expression of personal style—through timeless aesthetics. Phookao Chawapat and Knomhwan Rattanarawin, both no strangers to the jewellery industry, established BBO.BOUNDBYOATH back in 2020. With a simple and straightforward initiative, Phookao wanted to create fine jewellery for himself to enjoy. Having been immersed in the dandy world of classic menswear, the founder translates the slick sartorial charm into 9k and 18k jewellery pieces that can be worn effortlessly by both men and women.


As a brand catered specifically to gentlemen, BBO.BOUNDBYOATH values quality and heritage, surpassing ephemeral fads. The principle is very well rooted within the fine pedigree of craftspeople themselves. The founding couple own a studio focusing on diamonds and bridal jewellery and in making this label for men—which, of course, can also be very much enjoyed by the ladies—the very same meticulous attention and savoir-faire is put into the creation. As simple as the designs may seem, the superiority is all in the details.


BBO.BOUNDBYOATH brings the imppeckable craftsmanship of high jewellery to each and every one of its creations. The Eternity Bracelet handcrafted from precious yellow gold is appropriate in every occasion while Signet Rings make a more personal statement. Adhering to the age-old tradition, these customisable rings can bear personal initials, symbols or can be set with stone of your choice.